Creative Marketing Incentives

Add Cross-Selling Initiatives to Your Distribution Structure

Creative MarketingOur Creative Marketing Incentive Programs stimulate interest and encourage action.  When the primary goal of your Corporate Incentive Program is to stimulate Sales Revenue, there are a number of Creative Marketing Strategies that can be utilized effectively by your Company. By integrating Personal Incentives and Creative Marketing into an inspirational campaign, you have the unique opportunity to target dealers, distributors, channel partners, and specific customers with an engaging Incentive Program based on rewards for Sales Volume.

Market Incentives has developed a number of different Incentive Programs structured around a variety of “Product Partnering” Strategies; for example, promoting the combination of a Primary Product and Complementary Product (sold by your company or another company) in exchange for Incentive Rewards. These types of Incentive Programs have been very successful, especially when your industry dealers, distributors, and contractors realize the value of the personal incentives available to them.

Product Partnering is one of the many Creative Marketing Strategies that can be combined with an engaging Incentive Program to stimulate your sales and marketing. You instantly can double your potential customer base by advertising an incentive to buy one product with another.  The program becomes an innovative platform for increasing Sales Revenue and Sales Volume of both products over the life of the Incentive Program.  And, as with all of our Sales Incentive Programs, the rewards expenditure only becomes due after you have made those new sales, so you can factor the cost into a percentage of your profit margin.

Rational vs. Emotional Purchasing Decisions and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sales or Service Companies are successful when they understand the emotional connection between their Company and their Customers.  While Products, Services, Price Points, and Customer Objectives are all critical factors, successful companies know that many Purchasing Decisions are based on intangible factors.  Our Incentive Programs combined with Creative Marketing Strategies can provide your Company with the Emotional Competitive Edge over your competition.

Your Dealers and Distributors will be more motivated to sell your products over your competitors’ products because they are earning Reward Points. This Emotional Connection between your Company and your Dealers, Distributors, and Contractors promotes Customer Loyalty, Repeat Business, and measurable increases in Sales Volume and Sales Revenue.

There is also growing interest on the part of consumers to associate themselves with Companies that exhibit levels of Corporate Social Responsibility.  Market Incentives can design an Incentive Program for your Company that awards points for Community Service and other “Do Good” efforts.   Companies that employ programs focused on Giving Back to the Community realize the importance of making the Emotional Connection between company, customer, and the world we live in.

There are many ways to structure your Incentive Program using Creative Marketing tactics. Let us help you brainstorm the possibilities. 

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