Incentive Award Cards

An Easy Way to Show Appreciation with Thousands of Possibilities

At Market Incentives, we combined the power of a creative and effective Incentive Program with the ease of distribution of a store-bought gift card.

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Our uniquely designed gift award cards allow your Company to award the people who are responsible for the success of your business with thousands of premium gift awards delivered right to their home.  You can also choose to allow your recipients to continue to earn reward points on the same card going forward.

Our Award Cards can be utilized with any of our Incentive or Promotional Programs, including our Employee Recognition Programs, Workplace Safety Incentives Programs, and Corporate Health and Wellness Programs.  You can use any of our in-house custom designs, your own corporate logo, or your own design.

Rewards Awards

Saying “Thank You” Shows that You Value Your Recipient and Creates Long Term Loyalty

The senior management of every successful Company understands the importance and the intangible value of employees who either deal directly with Customers on a daily basis or work unselfishly behind the scenes handling business challenges head-on every day.

Incentive Award Cards can be utilized effectively in a number of situations. Some Companies use our gift award cards to reward their outstanding Employees as part of Annual Performance Evaluations or for Years of Service Awards.  Other Companies have utilized our cards as “on-the-spot” tools to recognize above-and-beyond achievement or teamwork.  However you choose to use them, the extra “Thank You” will go a long way.  Maybe in your case, the most unlikely employee will view the gesture as the push they need to suggest your next “Game Changing Concept.”

Rewards Awards

Recognition is a Very Effective Strategy for Sparking Creativity and Innovation

Our Custom Designed Reward Cards are redeemable for thousands of Premium-Brand Gift Awards.  They are user-friendly, not limited to one store’s merchandise or expiration dates, and re-useable.

Consider them the next time you need Staff Appreciation Week gifts, or on Administrative Professionals Day.  Consider them as Business Gifts around the holidays or in conjunction with your Employee of the Month Awards.

Available in any points denomination, you can be as flexible as you want to be.  So the next time someone exhibits exceptional behavior, they provide you with a referral, you see someone exemplifying superior leadership skills, or a member of your staff goes the “extra mile,” remember that recognition by way of a Thank You gift can spark pride that becomes a wonderful and contagious motivator.

Rewards Awards