Health and Wellness Incentives

Wellness Incentives Create Healthy Workplace Environments

Health WellnessThere are many types of Incentive Programs available for creating and maintaining a Healthy Workplace Environment. Our Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs design a variety of activities to promote Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Daily Exercise Routines, Healthy Diet Programs, and Work-Life Balance Initiatives are just some examples. All of our Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs target Stress Reduction and contribute to a better outlook on Life and increased Employee Productivity.

Healthy Lifestyle and Behavior choices are the newest trend in Motivational Incentive Programs. A well designed Corporate Wellness Program can generate substantial tangible and intangible benefits to your Company. Some of these Corporate Benefits include:



Corporate Health and Wellness Programs Benefit Both Employer and Employee

The list above targets some of the ways in which your Company will benefit from a focused and documented wellness initiative in the workplace. And, as with any health initiative, your Employees also will see results immediately. Your program will be the motivation they need to get started.

WatchOnce your Company is committed to an overall Strategy of creating a Healthy Workplace Environment, we can help you motivate your Employees to participate in an engaging and rewarding Corporate Health & Wellness Program. You can educate your Employees on CPR training, what to do in case of a health emergency, or by getting them to start a journal on what they are eating.

Some of our clients have invested in their Employees’ health by distributing pedometers imprinted with their Corporate Logo to remind their people to get out and walk a little bit every day or to take the stairs whenever possible. Another way to invest in your Employees is to participate in a “Walking Challenge” or 5k event. There are endless simple and relatively inexpensive ways to promote Health & Wellness in your workplace . . . and when you are offering Reward Points for gym visits, weight loss, smoking cessation, cholesterol reduction, or other participation, your team gets healthier and they enjoy themselves while they are doing it.

Further Your Goals By Offering Healthy Rewards for Health and Wellness Achievements

At Market Incentives, we appreciate the value of a successful health and wellness program.  Some of our employees recently have quit smoking as a result of our initiatives and we have instituted lunchtime walks around our offices to get people out of the office and into the fresh air. 

Our easy, low-cost, and user-friendly software can have your Company up-and-running with an innovative and engaging Corporate Health & Wellness program that is sure to jump-start the energy levels of your employees.  Many of our clients also institute Corporate Health & Wellness Programs concurrent with various other Employee Incentive Programs such as Employee Recognition Programs, Training Incentives, and Workplace Safety Incentive Programs.

When you are ready, it is time to get those body mass indices, cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings, and glucose levels down . . . and your team’s enthusiasm UP.  Let us suggest some healthy rewards from our eco-friendly and sports equipment suppliers to let your team know you care about their well-being and long-term health.  Our healthy rewards are great for exercise contests and program promotion as well.