Workplace Safety Incentives

Focusing on Safety and Training Will Lower Your Operational Costs

Workplace Safety

Market Incentives has the capabilities and Workplace Safety experience to design, develop and manage effective Workplace Safety Incentive Programs for your business. Our Safety Incentive Programs have been developed for companies that are committed to promoting a Corporate Culture around the importance of Workplace Safety.

For employers, a single Workplace Safety Incident can have a crippling effect on company Operations and Profitability due to:

How do Safety Incentive Programs Promote Safety in the Workplace?

Our Safety Incentive Programs are developed around the goals and objectives of your Company.  As part of any initial review, our team of experienced professionals will explain how the benefits of an Effective Safety Incentive Program far outweigh the financial investment.  We will discuss how:

  1. Operational Deadline Pressures can sometimes result in missed Safety Protocols. You can avoid Workplace Safety Incidents by promoting Safety as a Corporate Priority.

  2. A Workplace Safety Incentive Program proactively reinforces a Corporate Culture focused on Safety in the Workplace. If Workplace Safety Protocols are important to your Company, we can help you reinforce this fact by Training and Rewarding your Employees for their commitment to Safety in the Workplace.

An effective Safety Incentive Program can help your Company achieve its Workplace Safety goals by:

As Always, the Incentives Will Benefit Both Your Company and Your Participants

When you engage your Employees in a Workplace Safety Initiative, all parties benefit.  Your Employees are both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to focus their efforts on Individual Employee Safety Guidelines, and your own Corporate Safety Requirements are proactively encouraged and reinforced. 

Your Company is viewed as a better place to work and you feel better knowing you are putting your efforts towards keeping your people safe and productive.  You control the budget and your benchmarks and corporate safety objectives can be adjusted at any time.

The following are just a few ways to consider reinforcing the corporate safety culture your business requires:

As with all of our incentive services, our custom software helps you keep track of the metrics you are trying to reach.  For more information about our Custom Incentive Software, please click here>>